Understanding Boston as a Layers architectural background, with built environments from different times and materials creates that unique feeling of the Bostonian Life. If we connect that with the character of the people, the different cultures and backgrounds, we havea city who’s soul if created by heterogeneous scenery and people.The Hub we believe could be home for this way of life. In the lounge we are creating a space that will help with the growth of both, personal and community growth. The Lounge is a safe place, where people can feel at ease with themselves, so that the ideas flow and create a special scenario for opportunities and networking. For this exchange of ideas to happen, the lounge is designed also with the intension of growth and community, using technology as a key element, where everything is connected, where everything grows from one another, functioning as living space. The ribbon behaves like a multi-use poli-platform element that not only creates rhythm and guides people in the spaces, but that acts like a unifier. It helps to create interconnections between the people inside the lounge, and also acts like the connection to the local community out side the lounge, from both a human point of view and a sustainable point of view, adding value to the experience and the lounge itself.

Boston Lounge
Client: Primeclass
Location: Boston, USA
Year: 2021
Surface: 11.991 sqf
Scope of work:
  • Architectural
  • Interior Design