“Each and every International Airport located in a given country’s capital becomes the main entry gate for it’s visitors, the first impression of a place, a culture, and a particular reality.
It’s nature, conveyed through it’s geographical geometry, it’s colours and light, represent the meaning of the country and it raises a significant question: What is Chile? Chile is nature, an introduction of a territory where sceneries and astonishing cultures merge together.
A meticulous cultural research is combined and designed for a passenger experience, this relates itself with the context in an unique way.
The process will therefore represent a unique identity in the interior design of a contemporary airport and its experience. The process and methodology will contribute to the airport industry as a storefront to a portion of planet Earth.
The interior design of this project, winner of a public bid for a new terminal for Santiago International Airport (AMB), one of the newest and most modern airports in South America, is the echo of the country’s powerness and possibilities of how the territory want to be recognised.”

Interior Design AMB International Airport
Location: AMB International Airport, Santiago, Chile
Year: 2018/ 2019 completed
Surface: 1,184,030sqft
Scope of work:
  • Interior Design