Pacific Club´s Lounge was designed for a hi standard passenger relaxing experience before flight. It´s interior design strategy was focused homellike environment, using natural materials that evoke a return to essence. Nature used as a design baseline, the principles of a comfortable standard and a stress free experience. Stone, wood,textures, and warm colores combine together in different scales and formats in order to create a unique atmosphere and experience within the lounge. The project is divided in two main areas which are accesed by the mail repection hall. On one side a quiet zone to rest; and another with a more intense frequency spece, where food and beverages are highlighted with a large bar and wine cellar that exhibit a broad collection of chilean wines.

Pacific Club Lounge
Location: AMB International Airport, Santiago, Chile
Year: 2019/ 2020 completed
Surface: 5920sqft
Scope of work:
  • Architectural
  • Interior Design
  • Engineering