This project is a family mausoleum which was commissioned by the principal at the age of 92 and was called “Last House” since the remains of his closest and dearest ones rest here. The design proposal originates from proposing a cube which has two of its faces completely open to allow the transfer of light and the sun from East to West. In this way, the interior of the mausoleum witnesses the passage of the day and, consequently, of time. The complete cover seems to detach from the cube and is oriented towards the sky. The interior contains a transparent skylight with pyramidal geometry, a reflection of eternity. The white color and the exterior and interior quartz cladding contribute to the purity and energy of the intervention.

Salman Abumohor Mausoleum
Client: Abumohor Family
Location: General Cementery, Santiago, Chile
Year: 2010
Surface: 323 sqf
Scope of work:
  • Architectural